July 6th-August 14th, 2015


Maker Camp is free!

Welcome to Maker Camp!

Maker Camp is a free online summer camp for kids ages 8 to 12, and Makers of all ages!

Join young inventors and artists from around the world too. We make awesome projects, go on epic virtual “field trips,” and meet the world’s coolest makers.

Sign up to be a Maker Camp Affiliate site. You’ll inspire kids to embrace their inner maker, get their hands dirty, fix some things, break some things, and have a lot of fun doing it.

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How Maker Camp Works

Maker Camp is a free, online summer camp you can join anytime!

Join a hosted Camp in your neighborhood

Our affiliates offer physical campsites where you will work with other kids and adults to guide you. Affiliates can be Boys & Girls Clubs, community centers and many more!

Participate online from home

Join us at Makercamp.com to explore a new project every day. Videos give you an overview about the project. We give you links to projects you can work out at home.

2015 Maker Camp Themes

6 weeks of hands-on projects & cool field trips!

Week 1: Fantasy

(July 6–10) Make:believe with the magic behind the movies, ending with a Maker Camp Film Fest.

Week 2: Funkytown

(July 13–17) Make some instruments, then make some noise in the Maker Camp Battle of the Bands.

Week 3: Farmstead

(July 20–24) Hack the Hoedown with sustainable energy, food, architecture, and craft that bridge across centuries.

Week 4: Fun & Games

(July 27–31) Roll out the fun with games you make yourself, then challenge your friends with a Maker Camp Carnival.

Week 5: Flight

(August 3–7) Take off in this make-off of all things that zip and zoom above our heads, culminating in the Maker Camp Air Show.

Week 6: Far-Out Future

(August 10–14) Step into the future with personal fab projects using new materials, and strut your shiny stuff in a Far-Out Fashion Show.

Physical Campsites

Maker Camp is an online summer camp that happens everywhere around the world

But you can meet your neighbors who are taking part in the Maker Camp too!

Many libraries, makerspaces, and community centers are hosting Maker Camp for kids in their communittires!

A Day at Camp


Get your feet wet as you get inspired by what Makers do and play around with the stuff, tools, and ways of making.


Our cool and fun step-by-step projects branch out from the theme. Advanced Makers can take on our Camp Challenges.


Share what you’ve done online. Meet up in real life with our end-of-week showcases. Or connect cabin-to-cabin with other Maker Campers.