A FREE summer camp for building, tinkering and exploring. Online and in your neighborhood!

July 7th-August 15th, 2014
Daily at 11am Pacific Time

A FREE summer camp for building, tinkering and exploring. Online and in your neighborhood!

July 7th-August 15th, 2014
Daily at 11am Pacific Time

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign up or register for Maker Camp ahead of time?

No, you can attend Maker Camp by watching the daily Hangout on Air, making a project, and participating in the Google+ Maker Camp community on whatever days you want. Each Week’s schedule will be posted here the week prior.

Are there any age restrictions in terms of who can attend Maker Camp?

Yes and no. Maker Camp is for teens 13+, because there is an age restriction to create a Google+ profile and attend hangouts. If you’re under 13, you can attend Maker Camp on Google+ with your parent, using his or her Google+ account.

Are there any fees to attend Maker Camp?

Maker Camp on G+ online is free for everyone.

Do I need to create a Google+ page to attend Maker Camp?

Yes, you will need to create a Google+ profile and follow Make to attend Maker Camp.

Can I attend Maker Camp on any of the days?

Yes! Maker Camp was designed to accommodate broad maker interests, so there’s something for everyone. We have daily activities including science, technology, plus weekly virtual field trips to amazing places. Miss a live Hangout? Find it here.

Do I need a computer with Internet access to attend Maker Camp?

Yes, you will need a computer, phone, or tablet with an Internet connection to attend Maker Camp because it’s an online camp that’s totally interactive.

Do I need a webcam on my computer for Maker Camp hangouts?

No. Everyone is invited to participate in Hangouts on Air off camera by asking makers questions in the Q&A chat area. If you want to join us on camera, or participate in a bonus hangout, you’ll need a webcam. All Hangouts on Air are broadcast live and recorded for viewing anytime.

Do I have to purchase materials ahead of time for Maker Camp projects?

Many of the materials you need for the projects are likely already available in your home. Nearly all materials you need to buy ahead of time are inexpensive and easily attainable at grocery, hardware, or electronics stores. Specialty items like EL Wire, conductive thread, Circuit Stickers, MaKey MaKey, and Arduino are available at Maker Shed and Radio Shack.

Will I need to have specific tools for the featured Maker Camp projects?

Most of the tools you’ll need are basic household tools like screwdrivers, pliers, hobby knife, scissors, and duct tape. More advanced projects may require tools like a drill, handsaw, and soldering iron.

Who are you?

Google and Make have teamed up to bring you Maker Camp. Affiliate sites all over the world have volunteered to be local sites. Every day on our LIVE hangouts, we have 1-3 Camp Directors hosting and a Make:Labs intern or two as guest counselor(s), sharing projects and camper questions. Our three hosts are pictured below:

  • Paloma Fautley is an Engineering Intern at Make: magazine and a robotics student at UC Santa Cruz. You might recognize Paloma from her many appearances on Make: Hangouts on Air including Maker Camp: Halloween 2013 and Maker Connections. Her interests lie at the intersection of art and science focusing on animatronics and biomimicry.  When not tinkering in the Make: Labs, you might find Paloma experimenting in the kitchen creating delectable desserts and dishes that she happily shares with the ever-grateful Make: team. Her most recent experiment involved quick infusions using nitrogen cavitation, yum! (pictured center)
  • James Burke is a San Francisco-based graphic artist working for Maker Media. Somehow, he graduated in 2008 from Roosevelt University with a degree in Psychology, only to end up doing freelance artwork and starting a hackerspace.  At any given time he can found inking comics, editing documentaries, writing articles, laser-cutting acrylic art pieces, designing and printing 3D models out of plastic, and modifying toy power wheels to teach STEM-based initiatives to high school students and adults nationwide. (pictured right)
  • Sam Freeman is the Lab Manager at Make: A former industrial designer with a lot of electronics experience, he’s worked designing toys, bike lights, and pretty jewelry boxes. He now manages project builds for Make: magazine. He also builds arcade cabinets in his free time. (pictured left)