A FREE summer camp for building, tinkering and exploring. Online and in your neighborhood!

July 7th-August 15th, 2014
Daily at 11am Pacific Time

A FREE summer camp for building, tinkering and exploring. Online and in your neighborhood!

July 7th-August 15th, 2014
Daily at 11am Pacific Time

Maker Camp Season 2013

Makers in Motion

Week 1: Makers in Motion Be it by land, sea, or air, makers are always moving, using the things we build to propel ourselves forward with the power of our imaginations. Being a part of Maker Camp means you’re on the move as well, and it’s no coincidence we’ll be launching this awesome summer-long journey at the world-famous Exploratorium.

Boat Makers & Underwater Robots

— Makers: Eric Stackpole & David Lang Join us at San Francisco’s Exploratorium for the kick-off of Maker Camp 2013, where we’ll be joined by Eric Stackpole & David Lang of the Open ROV project and the makers of the coolest kayak you’ll ever see!

Daily Project: Two Liter Motor Boat

This easy build uses two important scientific principles, boyancy and stored kinetic energy, to float and drive a simple boat. The parts are all readily available around most homes, and the boat can be assembled in minutes, though a bit more time with waterproof markers can add some style to the outcome. Consider experimenting with additional componentsn like fins for stabilization, to improve the performance.

Materials and Instructions

Advanced Project: R/C Watermelon Boat

Makers Take Flight

— Makers: Brooklyn Aerodrome On day 2 of Maker Camp, the makers at Brooklyn Aerodrome will join us to show off their awesome DIY gliders.

Daily Project: Easy Balloon Blimp

Make your own blimp with some helium from the grocery store and a few simple materials that you probably have laying around your house. The best part is that you can use it again and again.

Materials and Instructions

Advanced Project: Folding Wing Glider

Bike Hacking

— Makers: The Crucible Take a tour of the coolest metal shop in the world at Oakland’s The Crucible. We’ll also learn how to trick out our bikes with some cool mods and DIY accessories.

Daily Project: Bike Tail Pipe

Learn how to make this totally awesome “exhaust” pipe for your bike with a recycled beverage bottle. It’s really a resonator for the classic baseball-card-in-the-spokes trick. It makes a terrific racket, and gets people to move out of the way without necessitating a honk on your horn.

Materials and Instructions

Advanced Project: Arduino Speed Vest

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

— Makers: Matt Richardson Raspberry Pi expert, MAKE contributing editor, and the author of Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Matt Richardson will tell us all about this revolutionary microcomputer. The Raspberry Pi platform was developed to lower the barriers to teaching young people programming, and Matt will break it down for us, show off some of his favorite Pi projects, and get us all started.

Daily Project: Rocket-Propelled Toy Car

This toy car, made with Lego and powered by a blown-up balloon, is super simple and fun to make and play with. It’ll also teach you a little something about the principle of rocket propulsion. Cool!

Materials and Instructions

Advanced Project: Bike Trunk

Inside Oracle Team USA, America's Cup Field Trip

— Makers: Oracle Team USA Sailing is being transformed by new boats and cutting-edge technology, and it all comes to the forefront during this summer’s America’s Cup, which is the oldest trophy in international sport, pre-dating the modern Olympics by 45 years. Oracle Team USA boats are seven-ton, wing-sail catamarans capable of speeds typically seen only on highways. At 43 knots boatspeed, the boats are capable of sailing their 72-foot length in a single second. Join us as we go aboard and learn all about these ground-breaking vessels.

Pedal Power Phone Charger

Weekend Project

Build a simple pedal-powered cell phone charger to mount on your bicycle. Just unplug your phone from the wall, and in the time that it takes for you to rig up this gizmo your phone will be out of juice and you’ll be due for a long ride!
Materials and Instructions

Create the Future

Week 2: Create the Future Makers push the boundaries—where others see roadblocks, we see opportunities to overcome using our imaginations and the tools around us. And if something we need doesn’t yet exist, we make it ourselves. As part of Maker Camp, you accept the challenge to look forward, dream of better things, and then figure out how to make them a reality. It’s up to every one of us to create the future, and learning how to make is the first step.

Prototyping, Grand Ideas & Shapeways

— Makers: Joe Grand, Duann Scott & Anna Kaziunas France We’ll be kicking off our Create the Future week at Maker Camp with Joe Grand, an electrical engineer and former member of the legendary hacker collective L0pht Heavy Industries, who will be teaching us all about prototyping and the tools and technologies makers use to create great designs. We’ll also learn about 3D printing, exploring 3D scanning techniques using the Kinect, and we’ll be joined by the folks at Shapeways!

Daily Project: Learn to Solder
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: 3D Scan and Print


— Makers: RobotGrrl, Lenore Edman & Super Awesome Sylvia Join returning maker RobotGrrl to learn all about her latest bots, and thenSuper Awesome Sylvia joins us with her WaterColorBot that she just got back from demonstrating at the White House Science Fair.

Daily Project: Build a Vibrobot
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Beetlebot

LEDs & DIY Holograms

— Makers: Mary Lou Jepsen Join Google’s own Mary Lou Jepsen, head of the Display Division at Google X Lab and founder of Pixel Qi, as we learn all about holograms and light.

Daily Project: Wind Triggered Lantern
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Beating Heart Headband

Soft & Squishy Circuits

— Makers: Matthew Schmidtbauer, Grace Kim Join us as we explore circuitry and wearable technology with electrical engineer, Matthew Schmidtbauer, wearable technology designer, Grace Kim.

Daily Project: Light up Wearables
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: LED Hula Hoop & Squishy Circuits


For our Create the Future Week field trip, join us as we head to NASA’s Ames SpaceShop in California and NASA HQ in Washington DC. We’ll also talk about the Asteroid Challenge with the White House Assistant Director of Grand Challenges.

Fun & Games

Week 3: Fun & Games It wouldn’t be summer if we couldn’t take a little time to play, and this is the week we devote to making fun. Let’s get outside and fly a homemade kite, or build a fort, or invent a new and exciting game to play with the friends we’ve met at Maker Camp. Whatever the outcome of the game, everyone wins when we make it ourselves.

Making Magic

— Makers: Mario the Magician & Mitch Altman We’re kicking off Fun & Games week at 11am with Mitch Altman, best known for inventing TV-B-Gone, a keychain that turns off TVs in public places, and then the illustrious Mario the Magician will show us his amazing suitcase of Arduino projects, and we’ll break down how to make an awesome magic photo cube.

Daily Project: Magic Photo Cube
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Magic Wand

Toy Design & Fabrication

— Makers: Ayah Bdeir, Bettina Chen, Alice Brooks, & Doug Rollins How do you design and make the next generation of toys? Our favorite toy designers talk about their methods and inspiration. And our advanced project is an Arduino toy for your pets.

Daily Project: Toy Car Launcher
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Kitty Twitty


— Makers: Joshua Glenn & Elizabeth Foy Larsen Why be bored when you can make your own cool toys? We’ll be making some fun game stuff with an author of Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun. Joey Hudy, the young maker whose motto is, “Don’t be bored; MAKE something!” and his origami sensei mom Julie also join us live from the major convention SIGGRAPH.

Daily Project: Dice Popper
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Origami Ball

Lego Day!

— Makers: Tiffany Tseng, Brian Silverman, Lee Magpili, Eric Rosenbaum & Suzanne Rich Eaton Let’s load up on LEGO! We’re going to geek out with five people to take the LEGO way more seriously than you do. We’ll meet three MIT researchers from the LEGO Learning Lab, birthplace of LEGO Mindstorms and Scratch; co-creator of LUGNET (a community of adult LEGO fanatics—you can be one too!); and someone who has your dream job: building models for LEGO in Denmark!

Daily Project: Lego USB Flash
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Smartphone Gaming Controller

Google Project Loon Field Trip

— Makers: Lauren & Rod Rojas Join us as we visit Google’s Project Loon and learn all about their goal to create balloon-powered internet access for the whole world. We’ll also be joined by Lauren & Rod Rojas, the father-daughter duo who sent Hello Kitty to Space!

Repeat After Me Memory Game

Weekend Project

In this project, we’ll turn a MAKE MintDuino microcontroller and a Mintronics Survival Pack into a replica of retro electronic memory games like Simon and the Tandy Pocket Repeat game sold by RadioShack in the 1980s.
Materials and Instructions

Art & Design

Week 4: Art & Design When we make something, we’re infusing it with a little bit of ourselves, whether it’s a robot or a painting, and this week campers get to try their hands at merging form and function to create things that are beautiful as well as useful. People say it’s important to create art for art’s sake; at Maker Camp we make for making’s sake.

Robot Art

— Makers: Joe Szuecs, Tiffany Threadgould & Judy Aime Castro We can’t get robots out of our system as we start Art and design week. We do a little bit of figurative dumpster diving with three artists who snatch away commonplace and quirky bits away from the jaws of the trash trucks, and transform them into beautiful works of art.

Daily Project: Cereal Box Robot
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: CoffeeBot

Maker Fashion

— Makers: Brit Morin & Jesse Genet It’s a fun day of DIY fashion! Lumi Ink will teach us screen printing techniques, and Brit Morin shows us how to make fashion accessories with our cables and cords.

Daily Project: Five Ways to Make Rope Bracelets
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Silk Screening

Giant Spin Art

— Makers: Anne Mayoral & Chris Myers Today we take our imaginations for a whirl. Whether our tools spin around on bots or our canvases spin around at dizzying speed, what comes out is always a thing of delight. Plus, we peek in on Google’s Geek Street Fair. http://www.hudsonriverpark.org/events/2013/07/31

Daily Project: Giant Spin Art
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Digital Flipbook

Animate Everything!

Thursday, August 1st — Makers: Karin Fong , David Yoon & Julian Glander

Three professional media producers share the secrets behind making the great animations you enjoy at the beginning of your favorite TV shows and movies, in commercials, and even right here on the Maker Camp G+ page!

Daily Project: Phenakistoscope
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Pixilation: Full Body Stop Motion Animation

Hacking with Hallmark Field Trip

Friday, August 2nd

In their large industrial crafts center, an industrial designer demos Hallmark’s CNC. In their enormous creative center has everything from ceramics to papier-mâché to stone carving to machines that can print on anything to experimental run printers. A designer’s heaven! They make the tools for their machines in their gargantuan metal shop, and in a smaller craft area open to all, the Leap Lab, Hallmark hackers can use a laser etcher, vacuum form machine, and much more.

DIY Music

Week 5: DIY Music We may not know the name of the song, but if you hum a few bars, we can probably build an instrument to play it on. At Maker Camp this week, we celebrate music by learning how we can make it ourselves. While building a guitar or an amplifier may seem like something only craftspeople can do, you’d be surprised what you can make with a few parts scrounged from around your home. And once you’ve made your own instrument, it’ll be time to jam with the other campers, and make some noise!

Banana Pianos and OK Go!

Monday, August 5th — Makers: Jay Silver & Damian Kulash from OK Go

Make music using *anything* as your instrument with the MaKey MaKey team, including MaKey MaKey co-creator and tour-de-force-de-fun Jay Silver! Then, special guest Damian Kulash, lead singer and guitarist of the band OK Go joins to … erhem … “jam” with Jay on a fruit instrument of his own design!

Daily Project: Banana Piano
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Chladni Plates

Found Sound

Tuesday, August 6th — Makers: Patrick McCarthy from Roth Mobot and Jesse Seay

Sound artist Jesse Seay scours the world for found sounds , and creates delightful kinetic sound sculptures from found objects. Roth Mobot transforms toys and other electronics into circuit-bent instruments. And no need to twiddle your thumbs, we’ve got the project for you: gather odd objects from around the house to make a musical lamellaphone, kalimba, mbira, or thumb piano.

Daily Project: Thumb Piano
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Solar Xylophone

Trash the Stage

Wednesday, August 7th — Makers: Walter Kitundu, Krys Bobrowski & Zeke Leonard

Meet three artists who tinker with tones and tunes by building their own unusual instruments, whether it’s Walter Kitundu’s nature-powered hand-built record players, Krys Bobrowski’s kelp horns, or Zeke Leonard’s cigar box guitars, we’ll have a down-to-earth but out-of-this-world orchestra on today’s Maker Camp. Zeke will show you how to make a simple stringed instrument out of upcycled, uptempo trash!

Daily Project: Diddley Bow Guitar
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Panjolele Cake Pan Ukulele

Come to the Drum Circle

Thursday, August 8th — Makers: Sue Eustice & Tadaiko Newark

If you’ve never enjoyed a taiko (太鼓) drum performance, you are in for a booming good time. The drummers of Tadaiko Newark will show you three different ways to make a taiko drum of your own, using a classic oak barrel design, construction-site salvaged PVC, or a water barrel.

Daily Project: Sound-O-Light Speakers
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Yellow Drum Machine

Not on Tour Field Trip

Friday, August 9th — Makers: Imogen Heap & Zöe Keating

Two of our favorite musicians invite us into their studios to see how they create their music. Imogen Heap, a Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and composer will show us how she crafts and sculpts sounds. Zoë Keating lays down her cello to talk to campers. Let’s hope she picks it up for some songs by the campfire!

Advanced Project: Musical Glove

LED Color Organ

Weekend Project

Materials and Instructions

Make: Believe

Week 6: Make: Believe In a world where the line between reality and fantasy is thinner than a carbon nanotube, making our imaginations come true can be a whole lot of fun. In this final week of Maker Camp, we bring a little Hollywood magic to life, learning about special effects and make-up, and exploring the make in make believe.

Casting Your Imagination & Making Believe with littleBits

Fun with Casting and Molding

Monday, August 12th — Makers: Shawn Thorrson

Making props and casting parts is fun and easy! We’ll show you an easy casting technique and show you how to cast a cool robot keychain. Then, meet master prop builder Shawn Thorsson, who will be showing us some of his techniques and showing off some of the awesome props he’s built from scratch. Shawn will be showing us how to make a prop hammer out of casting foam.

Daily Project: Robot keychain
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Moldmaking with Adam Savage

Making Believe with littleBits

Monday, August 12th — Makers: Ayah Bdeir

Ayah Bdeir, founder and CEO of littleBits, will lead a special Make: Believe HOA demonstrating how littleBits can help anyone use electronics to bring imagination to life. And she’ll be showing off her Unihorn Bike Helmet that you can make, too!

Featured Project: Unihorn Bike Helmet

Playing with Plastic & Another Slice of Raspberry Pi

Playing with Plastic

Tuesday, August 13th — Makers: Adam Harris

Vacuum forming is a process in which a sheet of warmed thermoplastic is shaped by placing it in a mold and applying suction. You can see it all around you, most prevalently in product packaging. Today we’ll show you how to make a vacuum former from none other than a humble peanut butter jar. Kit maker and teacher Adam Harris will show us how.

Daily Project: Peanut Butter Jar Vacuum Former
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Kitchen Floor Vacuum Former

Another Slice of Raspberry Pi

Tuesday, August 13th — Makers: Matt Richardson

Raspberry Pi is too cool for a single hangout! So join us as we welcome back Matt Richardson to show us even more about all things Pi.

Cyborg Yourself

Wednesday, August 14th — Makers: Paloma Fautley

MAKE Lab intern and fantasy makeup enthusiast Paloma Fautley will us how to turn ourselves into cyborgs! Paloma will present four version of the makeup and show us how to apply the device we build to our skin for an awesome effect.

Daily Project: Cyborg Yourself
Materials and Instructions

Young Makers Hangout & Props and Weathering Effects

Thursday, August 15th

Young Makers Hangout

Thursday, August 15th — Makers: David Moinina Sengeh

Props and Weathering Effects

Thursday, August 15th — Makers: Fon Davis, Frank Ippolito, Harrison Krix & Kerli

If you know how to use paint effectively, you can make your props look weathered, metallic, and more. Add reality to the pieces you make by learning simple, effective weathering techniques. We’ll be joined by visual effects expert Fon Davis in his studio. He’ll show us pieces he’s made and share his pro techniques with us. Estonian recording artist and songwriter and crafty lady Kerli will also join us to show the costuming projects she makes.

Daily Project: Weathering Effects
Materials and Instructions
Advanced Project: Shawn Thorsson’s Weathering Effects

Making Magic with Pixar

Friday, August 16th — Makers: Adrienne Ranft & Jerome Ranft

Take a tour of the Pixar campus. Meet with the internal makers group who build everything from drones to Arduino-powered projects. Chat with Jerome Ranft, Pixar sculptor, about his process working with clay developing characters. Jerome also collaborates on themed creations and installations. And stay tuned for a special visit by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

MonoBox Powered Speaker

Weekend Project

Materials and Instructions