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Paper Airplanes! - Event


Learn how to make a great paper airplane from The Paper Airplane Guy, John Collins.

The Classic Dart Paper Airplane - Project


In this project you will make the classic dart paper airplane. It is quick and easy to make and flies...

Paper Planes - Maker Camp Classic


Our Flight launches today, and we take off in this make-off of all things that zip and zoom above our...

Project Archive


After-School Program, Fall 2015 PDF’s Week 1: Booby Traps Week 2: Light-up Tote Bag Week 3: Eeee-motion Mask Part 1:...

Summer 2015 Project Guides


Week 1: Fantasy Make: believe with the magic behind the movies, ending with a Maker Camp Film Fest. Folded Sketchbook...

Suzanne - Project


In this project, you will make the "Suzanne". This paper airplane design holds the world record for the farthest distance...