Meet Our Partner John Collins

Paper airplanes made easy. The Paper Airplane Guy travels the world at the invitation of businesses, museums and schools that want to see the best in folded flight demonstrated live. John's keynotes are visually stunning and entertaining. His profile on WIRED is the most viral video they've produced according to the editor in chief, Nick Thompson. Why? It's all about engaging the audience and presenting great information. ​ John is the best in the world when it comes to paper airplane distance, and he brings that drive and innovation to every event. If you're looking for a unique, captivating, and truly inspirational speaker, John Collins is the easy pick. ​ Award winning, magic, and breathtaking, are all accurate descriptions for John's presentations. He takes the time to individually craft each presentation by talking with key stakeholders. Getting your message right for your particular business is the name of the game.

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