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Build Wing Structure

Lay the three cardboard rectangles side by side. Cut four small pieces of scrap cardboard into rectangles that are about 1″x2.5″. Add hot glue to one side of your small rectangle and place it as a bridge between two of the larger cardboard pieces. Make three more bridges so that you have two bridges, or hinges, per side.

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Project step photo 2


Shape Wings

Draw wings on the structure you created. Cut out your wings using a craft knife. Draw a valley in the middle of your bird wings (this will serve as a neckline so make it the size of your neck). Cut out the neck line using your craft knife.

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Paint Your Wings

Paint the hinged side of the structure using acrylic or spray paint. Set it aside to dry.

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Create Feathers

Fold a stack of 2 or 3 sheets of construction paper into thirds (hot dog style). Draw a feather shape on your folded paper using a pencil or marker. Cut out your feathers using scissors. Repeat this process until you have about 65 feathers

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Attach Feathers

Place the hinged/painted side face-down. Starting from the bottom-left corner, attach your feathers to the wing structure using hot glue. Work your way across the bottom of your wings until you’ve finished the first layer. Make sure to keep the feathers as straight as possible. Start the second layer of feathers. You will have a flap left over on top – fold it over and glue it down, or cut it off.

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Make Them Bendy

Flip your wings over so that the hinged/painted side is facing up. Starting with your hinges, use your craft knife to score your wings from top to bottom, every half inch or so, Do this for both sides of your wings.

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Add Straps

Make two strips that are long enough to wrap around your upper arm by cutting your scrap cardboard. Lightly score the length of your straps. Attach each end of the strap on top of where you placed your hinges using hot glue. They should look like backpack
straps. Make two more straps that fit around your lower arm and attach them near the outer edges of your wings.

Please Note

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Bird Wings

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  • 3 pieces of cardboard (20"x12" each)
  • Cardboard scraps
  • Acrylic or Spray Paint
  • Assorted colors of construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Marker
  • Sponge brush or paint brush