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Make Fashion Easy Photoshoot Hacks

October 26, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm PDT

Easy Photoshoot Hacks

You’ve learned some techniques and tools to craft your headpiece and light it up from James, Carrie, and Twila. Or you have a build you just completed. So now what? Just set it aside, make way for the next thing? Of course not! This is your moment, the big reveal: It’s your time to show off your awesome creation!

Sharing is a really important step in the maker process: perhaps the MOST important step.

WATCH LIVE on the Family Maker Camp Facebook page or on the Kids Make: Youtube channel.

This session is a quick crash course in photography techniques you can do at home without any fancy gear that will make your creation stand out and let you share what’s important to you. Since its Halloween, you don’t want to just look like you’re in costume in your living room or back yard, so I’ll show you how to create ‘elsewhere,’ an imaginary space where your project can shine.

We will do this mostly through “staging:” essentially controlling what is and is not in the photo with backdrops and different camera angles. Then we will learn some basic lighting techniques to create mood and atmosphere. After covering these concepts, I’ll do a photoshoot for Carrie’s project so you can see my process.

Listed here: steamhead.space/the-shelf/
  • Any digital camera. I’ll use my iPhone.
  • A project or costume to wear and photograph yourself in.
Optional Materials (so use what you have at home):
  • A large, white, rigid board of some kind to bounce light (white paper on cardboard works)
  • A tripod or a second person who can hold the camera (get creative with stacking things!)
  • A bright lamp or other kind of light you can move around and can shine in one direction. Some examples:
    • A clamp light light you might find in a workshop or hardware store
    • A desk lamp or reading light with an articulating arm
    • A floor lamp with a gooseneck reading light
    • A table lamp could work if you took the shade off and made a little hood out of aluminum foil so it can shine in one direction. (lights can be hot, don’t start a fire by putting paper on a bulb)
    • Foam core, construction or art paper would work
    • If you don’t have that, I will briefly show how to attach printer paper to cardboard with tape to make one.
  • A neutral-colored backdrop that can be hung up on a wall or from a curtain rod
    • Ideally a black piece of cloth or curtain, but white or grey sheets will work as well.
    • Binder clips or clothespins to hold the fabric in place. Pins or tape could work as well.
I have made it, now what? Ways you can share your process and build:
  • Join us in our “Office Hours” on Oct. 28th at 4pm PT Showcase your piece, share your process, or come with questions and get support from the MakeFashion Edu team (and each other)! Sign up here.
  • Need a wearable? Create a dramatic headpiece! Learn to make one out of paper and cardboard with Carrie Leung and Twila Busby in ‘Build a Dramatic Headpiece’ video.
  • Want to add touch activation to your headpiece? Level up the electronics on your headpiece or any wearable with James Simpson in the ‘Add Touch Activation’ video.
  • Submit your creation into the Make: Projects Halloween Costume Contest! And share your builds with #makercamp #maketoghether and #makefashionedu!

About MF Edu
MakeFashion Edu is a collaboration between non-profits, SteamHead and MakeFashion. Young makers combine fashion and technology in an outfit that they design from the ground up, learning design thinking, technical skills, practical building skills, and most importantly using these skills to express themselves and become advocates in their communities.

MakeFashion Edu has proven to be a powerful entry point for youth of all perspectives and backgrounds, but especially for those who are hesitant to engage with science and technology subjects. You do not have to be technical to use technology as a tool! Technical, but not feeling very creative? Hone your creative designer skills by applying your technical skills in our thoughtfully developed sessions.

Need more ideas? Head to makefashionedu.org
Facebook: @MakeFashionCa
Instagram: @makefashionedu
Youtube: MakeFashion Edu
Twitter: @MakeFashionEdu


October 26, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm PDT
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