We provide great starter projects to get your campers into making, creating, crafting, coding, and more this summer, along with background on how to lead these projects with your campers to develop their Maker mindset and support them through their making process.

This Summer's Project Paths

The design of your camp experience becomes your own giant Maker project! Design your paths through this summer’s projects as you go, with six starter projects from our Start Making! book and many different project choices building on those skills and techniques, depending on where you want to take your making this summer.

Try your favorite projects, develop your campers’ skills and techniques further, and change up the materials or mash-up the different projects however you like. You might make paper circuits, sound-making devices, and giant cardboard structures along three different paths, so why not combine them all to make your structure light up and make some noise?

We’re mashing things up too in the design of this summer’s project paths. For each path, you’ll find a starter project, along with many fun projects from Make: and DK books, our past years’ Maker Camp favorites, and cool things Makers are doing on You’ll also find many great tips, tricks, and reflection prompts – just look for Makey with a speech bubble.

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Project Paths

How Maker Camp Works

Maker Camp is a free, online community you can enjoy year-round!

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Participate online from home

Join us here at to explore a new project every day. Get an overview about the project in our daily video playlist. Follow links to work on projects at home.

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Join a hosted camp in your neighborhood

Maker Camp affiliates host physical campsites where campers work with other kids and adults to guide you. Affiliates can be Boys & Girls Clubs, community centers, makerspaces, and much more!

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A Day at Maker Camp


Get your feet wet as you get inspired by what Makers do, and play around with the stuff, tools, and ways of making.


Our cool and fun step-by-step projects branch out from the theme. Advanced Makers can take on our Camp Challenges.


Share what you’ve done online. Meet up in real life with our end-of-week showcases. Or connect cabin-to-cabin with other Maker Campers.

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We host content online, but you can meet your neighbors who are taking part in Maker Camp, too, at local campsites worldwide!

Many libraries, makerspaces, and community centers are hosting Maker Camp for the kids in their communities!

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