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Makey Kite - Project


In this project, you will make a kite with the Makey Robot on it to keep you company.

IoT Telegraph - Project


Make a Morse code device to send top-secret messages. Take the simplicity of a physical Morse key, add a Raspberry...

Dome Den - Project


Have hours of fun playing outdoors or just relax and hide away in this special dome-shaped den. Once you've built...

Plastic Plate UFO - Project


A light-up flying saucer to help film your next sci-fi film.

Flying Pendulum - Project


A pendulum that will slowly untwist itself like a basic clock escapement.

Canjo - Project


A single string guitar that uses a tin can to amplify the sound.

Rideable Hovercraft - Project


A leaf blower powered hovercraft that you can ride on. This is a more difficult project for the more experienced...

21 - 29 of 29 results