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Butterfly Chandelier - Project


In this project you will make a butterfly chandelier out of cardboard

Natural Inks - Project


Explore making your own inks with ingredients you find outside or in your kitchen.

Crazy Circuits LEGO Ambulance - Project


Add flashing lights and visual effects to your LEGO projects using Crazy Circuits components. We're adding flashing emergency lights to...

Paper Flying Puppet - Project


This paper flying puppet has a very simple mechanism to make the wings flap up and down so it flies....

Make a PVC Marshmallow Shooter! - Event


Make a PVC Marshmallow Shooter! Make your own PVC Marshmallow Shooter with Maker Camp Leader Sandy Roberts! Everyone is delighted...

Maker Parent Happy 1/2 Hour - Event


In this week’s MAKER PARENT HAPPY HOUR we talk to teachers about how they #maketogether in and out of the...

Print - Project


Stitched Sketchbook - Project


A sewn together sketchbook to keep your drawings, notes, or anything you want.

Marquee Letter - Project


Like an old-time movie marquee, these luminous letters add spark to any space. Personalize your room with a number, a...

41 - 60 of 103 results