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  • Theme 1: Fantasy

    Make: believe with the magic behind the movies, ending with a Maker Camp Film Fest.

  • Theme 2: Funkytown

    Make some instruments, then make some noise in the Maker Camp Battle of the Bands.

  • Theme 3: Farmstead

    Sustainable energy, food, architecture, and craft that bridge across centuries, all shared in the Maker Camp County Fair.

  • Theme 4: Fun & Games

    Roll out the fun with games you make yourself, then challenge your friends with a Maker Camp Carnival.

  • Theme 5: Flight

    Take off in this make-off of all things that zip and zoom above our heads, culminating in the Maker Camp Air Show.

  • Theme 6: Far-Out Future

    Step into the future with personal fab projects using new materials, and strut your shiny stuff in a Wearables Wonderland and Robot Runway

  • Camp video


    Field Trip Friday! We visit Kijani Grows, the farm of the future in the heart of the city.

  • Camp video


    We check out your awesome alternative energy projects and give prizes to our most active campers!

  • Camp video

    County Fair

    It's the Maker Camp County Fair! Who will win the Blue Ribbon for Best Recipe Using A Solar Oven, Biggest Working Pinwheel, Strongest Paper Structure, and What the Farm?!

We end the week with farm-fabulous field trip to Kijani Grows, where crops grow up, down, and all around. Today’s also your last chance to enter your project into our Maker Camp County Fair. Just post your videos showing off your favorite project from this week in energy, food, gardening, architecture, or other things green to the Maker Camp Community Page.