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  • Theme 1: Fantasy

    Make: believe with the magic behind the movies, ending with a Maker Camp Film Fest.

  • Theme 2: Funkytown

    Make some instruments, then make some noise in the Maker Camp Battle of the Bands.

  • Theme 3: Farmstead

    Sustainable energy, food, architecture, and craft that bridge across centuries, all shared in the Maker Camp County Fair.

  • Theme 4: Fun & Games

    Roll out the fun with games you make yourself, then challenge your friends with a Maker Camp Carnival.

  • Theme 5: Flight

    Take off in this make-off of all things that zip and zoom above our heads, culminating in the Maker Camp Air Show.

  • Theme 6: Far-Out Future

    Step into the future with personal fab projects using new materials, and strut your shiny stuff in a Wearables Wonderland and Robot Runway

  • Camp video


    Paloma continues her quest to bring Burke back while meeting some new friends. Together they pick up some quick tips about making cards with circuits!

  • Camp video


    Make Cardboard Automata, playful machines that spin and bob and dance around when you turn a crank. Combine cams, levers, and linkages to create a moving sculpture. We show you a simple way to put one together, but you can make it as easy or as hard as you'd like! See if you could add your device to the game you make for the Maker Camp Cardboard Carnival.

  • Camp video


    We take a look at Paloma's cardboard automata and get some inspiration from your projects. Remember to post your projects on the Maker Camp community page to be featured in a future video.

Make simple machines that move in surprising ways, called “automata” (aw-TOM-uh-tuh), that you might be able to incorporate into your carnival games! Remember, if you want to be featured in our daily Share video or end-of-the-week Maker Camp Cardboard Carnival, be sure to post your videos to the Maker Camp Community Page.