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Marquee Letter - Project


Like an old-time movie marquee, these luminous letters add spark to any space. Personalize your room with a number, a...

Penny-Powered Flashlight - Project


Power a flashlight with pennies so you can signal Spider-Man when you’re in need! No store-bought batteries necessary. Build the...

Self-Folding Paper Models - Project


Use the following templates to make some simple self-folding models. Then get creative and design some of your own!

Dazzling Kaleidoscope - Project


A cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels is the perfect size for your kaleidoscope. Inside the tube, you...

Dome Den - Project


Have hours of fun playing outdoors or just relax and hide away in this special dome-shaped den. Once you've built...

Hero’s Helmet - Project


No knight would be ready for battle without a helmet. Make your own protective headgear, complete with a visor, faceguard,...

Project Archive


After-School Program, Fall 2015 PDF’s Week 1: Booby Traps Week 2: Light-up Tote Bag Week 3: Eeee-motion Mask Part 1:...

Door Monitor - Project


You will build a holder and accessories for your phone to turn it into a system capable of tracking how...

41 - 60 of 72 results