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Scrappy Circuits – The Five Blocks - Event


The teaching and learning of invention literacy is often locked behind many pre-requisite skills and expensive STEM toys. Scrappy Circuits...

Butterfly Chandelier - Project


In this project you will make a butterfly chandelier out of cardboard

Wrist Bag - Project


Make a wrist bag that's perfect for taking outside to carry explorer gear, art supplies or go on a treasure...

DIY Instruments: Rhythm & Sound - Project


What’s that you hear? Birds chirping? Cars passing by? Laughter? Sounds are all around you and those sounds you hear...

Shoe Design Challenge - Project


How do designers create new things? They follow a design process! First, they decide on specific design criteria, brainstorm their...

Kaleidocycle - Project


In this project your're going to make a Kaleidocycle, a kinetic paper sculpture that you can flex and rotate to...

Natural Inks - Project


Explore making your own inks with ingredients you find outside or in your kitchen.

Paper Flying Puppet - Project


This paper flying puppet has a very simple mechanism to make the wings flap up and down so it flies....

CodeJoy Presents: Mechanical Horses - Event


Join Kelsey Derringer from CodeJoy to meet artist, designer, and horse-lover and owner Dawn Blackburn to learn about horses, meet...

Stenciled Maker Camp T-shirts - Project


We will apply a homemade stencil to your shirt and decorate it using either permanent markers or acrylic paint. This...

21 - 40 of 80 results